Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester

The Abrasion, Scrub and Washability Tester is also known as Wet Scrub Abrasion Tester. It is used to test the resistance of coatings by scrubbing and washing through nylon brush or sponge brush with a specific load. The observation to be done for removal of coating, loss of colour, fadeness, gloss after completion of the test. The test is either used as a “passed or failed” by testing to a specified number of strokes at which the coating fails by checking at a regular interval of time.
Standard: ASTM D 2486, DIN 53778, ISO 11998, BS 3900

The Washability Tester is driven by a digital preset counter which allows precise and steady speed of stroke at a uniform length. It is made up of high quality aluminium with powder coating for durability. It consists of a glass bed, stainless steel collection tray, and inlet & outlet pipe tubes. It is widely used in the paint and coating industry, floor tiles and furniture surfaces.

Standard: ASTM D 2486, DIN 53778, ISO 11998, BS 3900

Raj Make

• Double channel scrub arm with ability to test different samples at the same time.
• Rapid interchangeable tools can make the system ideal for wide use of tests.
• Easy to use control panel with counter preset digital counter for counting the number of cycles in display.
• Accurately designed for durable and stable tests allowing repeatable results.
• Heavy Duty Motor and Peristaltic Pump is installed.
• Easy to remove, clean and install the tray and glass bed for the test procedures.

Technical Specifications:
Stroke rate : 37 ± 1 cycles per minute.
Stroke length : 240 ± 2 mm.
Nylon Bristle Brush : 454 ± 10g (Total Weight)
Panel Size : 432 x 165 x 0.25 mm.
Power Supply : 240 V AC Supply.

Accessories required for testing:
• Black plastic panel.
• Nylon bristles brush and sponge brush.
• Washing agent (Scrub Media).
• Film Applicator 150 microns.

Package Includes:
Wet abrasion scrub tester, two nylon bristles
brushes, two sponge brushes, two glass plates,
500 ml Scrub Media, SS weights, manual,

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 136 Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester
HSN Code: 90318000