Weight Per Litre Cup

Weight Per Litre Cup / Specific gravity cup/ Gallon cup are used to determine the density of the liquid paints, varnish lacquers,coatings and pastes. Density cups are precisely designed for maximum accuracy and made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.
Density cups are cylindrical in shape which provides a large opening for easy filling lid/cover with an orifice in the centre, allowing excess of sample liquid to be expelled without trapping air bubbles. It is available in the following ranges.

Standard: BS 3900, ASTM D 1475, DIN 53217, ISO 2811, IS 101 (Part 1 / Sec.7)

Raj Make

Technical Specifications:

Accessories required for testing:
• Spatula, Glass Beaker
• Balance (least count 1g)
• Thermometer 110°C

Package Includes:
Weight per litre cup , manual.

HSN Code: 90318000