Wedge Bend Tester

Wedge Bend Tester is used to measure both flexibility and impact resistance of sheet metal coating in a single operation and assess the deformity of a fully cured coated sheet after a sudden bending stress. The Impact folding test simulates common sheet metal processing movements, such as punching, folding, flanging, bending crimping.
Wedge Bend Tester has a parallel guide impact hammer with a weight of 2300 ± 100 gms and with a drop height of
650± 5 mm. There is also a bending mandrel of 5 mm diameter on the base plate, on which the sample sheet for the impact folding test can be pre-bent. It is made up of mild steel with powder coated for durability. It is used in the coating, steel and fabrication industry.

Standard: ASTM D 3281

Raj Make

Technical Specifications:
Intender Weight: 2300 ± 100 gms
Intender Height: 650 ± 5 mm
Panel Size         : 150 x 50 mm

Accessories required for testing:
• Tin Panel size 150 X 50 x 0.3 mm

Package Includes:
Wedge bend tester, manual,
spares  Panel Thickness.

Ordering Information:
Ref No.138 Wedge Bend Tester
HSN Code: 84622910