Salt Spray Cabinet

Salt Spray Cabinet is a triangural shaped model made for the testing of corrosion resistant properties of the coatings applied on the substrate. In the cabinet temperature is maintained according to the Indian Standard in order to check the coating and its resistive properties. The cabinet is made from minimum 6mm thick imported perspex sheets. It contains a thermostatically controlled microprocessor temperature controller.

Standard: IS 101 (Part 6 / Sec.1)


Standard: IS 101 (Part 6 / Sec.1)

Raj Make

• Digital PID Temperature & Timer Controller with built in memory backup.
• Spraying Nozzles.
• Suitable tray for panel arrangement as per standard and rod/bar for hanging arrangement.
• Fog collection apparatus – Measuring cylinder (100 ml )
Funnel ( 8 cm diameter )
• Water level sensor as a safety feature for low reservoir alarm with buzzer.
• A heater SS 316 to reach the set temperature with one spare heater.
• Pt-100 sensor for the temperature.
• A plastic pipe for excess fog removal.

Technical Specifications:


Accessories required for testing:
• Sodium chloride salt
• Distilled water
• M.S. panels
• Knife or stencils for X-CUT corrosion test
• Wax and gum tape for masking
• Compressor

Package Includes:
Salt spray cabinet, measuring cylinder,funnel,
hose clamp, manual.


HSN Code: 90248099