Penetrometer is an instrument used to measure the viscosity of a stiff sample in terms of DOP (division of penetrometer). It consists of a circular dial with DOP (division of penetrometer) scale, plunger, a cone assembly with specific dimensions, weights and a cup. Sample gets penetrated through the gravitational force and the depth of penetration after a fixed time is measured. Penetrometer is used to measure the viscosity of stiff paints, distemper, waxes, greases, soil etc.

Standard: IP 50, ISO 2137, ASTM D 937, ASTM D 217, IS 1448 (P:60)

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Technical Specifications:
Dial Range                                         : 0 – 400 DOP
(1mm = 1DOP)
Timer (only for digital penetrometer) : 1-9 seconds
Cup                                                   : 55 mm x 55 mm (height x diameter),
100 mm x 100 mm (optional)
Weight :                                              50 & 100 gms
Cone :                                                102 gms

Accessories required for testing:
• Stopwatch
• Thermometer 110ºC
• Spatula

Package Includes:
Penetrometer, cup, cone,
weights, dial, calibration
certificate, manual and spares.

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 140/1 Penetrometer ( Indian Dial)
Ref No. 140/2 Penetrometer with Timer (Indian Dial)
Ref No. 140/3 Penetrometer ( Mitutoyo Japanese Dial)
HSN Code: 90279090