Paint Corrosion Cabinet

Paint corrosion ocabinet is used for the determination of humidity resistance under continuous condensation. It also covers methods on neutral and artificial salts spray tests. This test is carried out by keeping the painted panel vertically after a specified period of drying in a corrosion cabinet maintained at 100 % relative humidity with a temperature cycle of 42°C to 48°C for a specified period and examining it for any signs of deterioration of the painted metal surface.
Paint corrosion cabinet consists of a stainless steel inner body and mild steel with duly powder coated outer body. Water immersion stainless steel heater is fitted at the bottom of the instrument. Solid State Relay (SSR) circuit is provided to control the heat rate. The digital PID temperature controller is provided to observe and control the temperature. Temperature rotates from 42°C to 48°C in 45 to 75 minutes respectively with 100% humidity to complete one cycle.The air in the cabinet shall be circulated by means of a fan, in such a way that the temperature in any part of the air space does not differ by more than 1°C at any given moment. Low water indicator with a buzzer is also given in the cabinet for the indication of water level.

Standard: IS 101 (Part 6 / Sec.1)

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Technical Specifications:

Accessories required for testing:
• M.S. Panels : 150 x 100 mm
• Wax /Normal Tape for masking.

Package Includes:
Paint Corrosion Cabinet, manual.

HSN Code: 84178090