Gloss Meter

Gloss is an important attribute of surface appearance. It changes our perception of colours and shapes and influences our overall visual experience. Gloss meter has been the unsurpassed industry standard in the measurement of gloss for many years. The smart functions and intuitive menu operations make gloss measurement an easy task.
Gloss is measured by directing a constant intensity light beam at a fixed angle onto a surface and then by monitoring the amount of reflected light at the same angle. Gloss is a measure of how well the surface functions as a mirror.

Standard: IS 101 (Part 4/ Sec.4), ISO 2813, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457, DIN 67530

Raj Make

Digital Gloss Meter 20° / 45°/ 60°

• Portable Gloss Meter with a Micro-controller base display and rechargeable batteries.
• High and Low points calibration are enabled for high accuracy.
• Hold facility makes reading fixed ven after removing the unit from the sample.
• The unit is small and light in weight making it compact and portable.
• The unit is supplied with a standard calibration plate and charger.
• It is available in 20, 45, 60 (anyone).

Technical Specifications:
Range                    : 1 to 100 GU
Accuracy                : ± 1 GU
Repeatability          : ± 1 GU
Resolution              : 0.1 GU
Display                   : LED
Detector Sealed     : Silicon Photocell
Power                    : NiMH Rechargeable Battery.

Package Includes:
Gloss meter, calibrated standard plate (Hi and Low), charger and manual.

Ordering Information:
Ref No : 224/20 For High Gloss 20º
Ref No : 224/45 For Medium Gloss 45º
Ref No : 224/60 For Medium Gloss 60º
HSN Code: 90275090