Gel Time Apparatus

Gel Time Apparatus is used to determine the gel time of powder coating or sample at which time it turns into gel on a polished metal surface at specific temperature. Gel time is the time at which the sample turns into gel from solid and it is not able to be used further. Gel time apparatus is made from non corrosive material. The top plate is made up of aluminium and it is provided with a sensor. It has a long lasting heating coil, temperature controller and digital timer display. It is widely used in plastic industries, powder coating.

Raj Make

Technical Specifications:-
Temperature Range                           : Ambient to 300°C
Resolution                                          : 1°C
Surface Temperature with uniformity : ± 1 – 2°C
Plate size                                           : 200 x 35 mm
Temperature Controller with Time
Time Totalizer

Package Includes:
Gel time apparatus, manual.

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 401 Gel Time Apparatus
HSN Code: 90279090