Digital Stormer Viscometer

The Digital Stormer Viscometer is for measuring the viscosity of Non-Newtonian liquid such as paints, resins etc. The stormer viscometer is based on the principle of rotational viscometry. It measures the viscosity by using a weight-driven rotating paddle to sense the paint viscosity at a constant 200 rpm. The device consists of a mixer standardised with two paddles that are immersed in the fluid and rotated by applying weight. The measuring unit is in grams.
The conversion between these units is gms to cP & KU is done with the help of a conversion chart. In advanced Digital Stormer Viscometer gms, cP, KU will display on digital screen automatically.The properties of liquid and their resistance to shear of flow can be accurately measured. The rotational viscometers are determined in accordance with ASTM D 562.

Standard: ASTM D 562, IS 101 (Part 1 / Sec. 5)

Raj Make

• Easy to use control panel.
• The rotation at 200 rpm with audio and visual indication.
• Rapid and accurate measurement of viscosity in krebs
unit and centipoise.
• Digital Display of RPM.
• Simple to install paddle spindle.
• Traceable to NABL calibration certificate.
• Range : 115 – 4836 cP
46 – 141 KU

Accessories required for testing:
• Thermometer 110ºC
• Spatula for homogeneous mixing.

Package Includes:
Stormer Viscometer, spindle, glass beaker,
weights, power cable, manual, calibration
certificate & spares.

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 248/1 Stormer Viscometer
Ref No. 248/2 DSV – II
HSN Code: 90278010