Digital Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Digital hot air oven is used to determine the moisture and solid content of paste, paint, powder, etc. It is also used for curing the stoving paint and powder coating after application on panels. It widely used in paint and coating industries, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries etc
There are two types of Digital Laboratory Hot Air Oven :

Digital Laboratory Hot Air Oven
Digital Memmert Hot Air Oven

Raj Make

Hot Air oven is made up of mild steel with powder coated for durability. The gap between the inner and outer chamber wall is filled with glass wool or puf insulation to avoid the heat loss.
Heating elements are made up of high quality chrome plated nichrome wire and it is placed on the bottom side of the oven and Air circulation fan is given on bottom for maintaining the temperature.Control switches are and lamps are placed on the front of the panels at bottom.

Technical Specifications:
Temperature Range  : Ambient to 250°C
Accuracy                   : ± 2 – 3°C
Sensor                       : Pt-100
Material                      : Outer Mild Steel body & Inner Stainless Steel

Package Includes:
Digital laboratory hot air oven, manual
and calibration certificate.

HSN Code: 84179000