Colour Matching Cabinet

Colours look different under various lighting conditions. Therefore, it is difficult to match shade according to standard specimens or samples. Hence, our colour matching cabinet is useful to analyse shades of different colours for matching with standard specimens under standard light source visually. Colour Matching Cabinet is used to assess shade matching that can ensure the appearance is precise under different sources of light. It comes with distinct light sources that mimic various kinds of real-life lighting conditions. When observed under such standard illumination, the user can ensure that one specific colour remains the same.

Colour Matching has an important role in a wide range of industries such as paint, coating, automotive, ceramics, cosmetics, furniture, textile, plastic, packaging, printing inks, all have a great demand of colour matching consistency and quality. Colours make the first appearance of the product. It helps in establishing the primary link between the customer and the product. The cabinet is equipped with 6 different sources of standard lights which covers the global illumination standards. It is specifically designed as per international standards and has high accuracy in test procedures for a wide variety of products. The Cabinet allows the user to place the specimen to be tested on a particular platform that is at an inclination of 45 degrees. This particular angular platform ensures the correct reflection of light and hence, the correct viewing angle for human eyes.

Standard: ASTM D 1729, ASTM D 4086, ISO 3664

Raj Make

Technical Specifications:
1. Daylight D 65 ( 6500 K ) – 1 No.
2. Incandescent 2856 K ( A) – 1 No.
3. D 50 ( 5000 K) ( CDL) – 1 No.
4. Ultraviolet ( UV ) – 1 No.
5. TL 84 – 1 No.
6. Cool White fluorescent (CWL) – 1 No.

Inner Dimension: 28"  X  20"  X  16"  approx.

Package Includes:
Colour matching cabinet, power cable,
panel mounting tray, manual.

Ordering Information:
Ref No. 945 Colour Matching Cabinet
HSN Code: 90248010