Automatic Digital Pigment Muller

Automatic Digital Pigment Muller is used to evaluate the pigment resin/linseed oil paste for evaluation of shade, mass tone, reduction tone or tint tone, opacity and strength of pigment. It is a basic laboratory equipment for paint, colour and pigment related industries. It is used to assess quality control for measurement of colour strength and pigment strength under identical test conditions. It is widely used in the paint and coating industry, ink industry, cosmetic industry, plastic electronic and chemical industry and laboratory.

Standard: ASTM D 387, ASTM D 332, ASTM D 2745, ISO 787-13/16/24

Raj Make

• Easy to use control panel with Digital Counter and RPM indicator in display.
• Robust design to use over a long period of time with zero maintenance.
• Precise spring load cartridge system for applying pressure on glass plates.
• Centric disc ensures an evenly distribution of force on the glass plate.
• Smooth rotating lever for applying grinding force, easy to release pressure and locking arrangement.
• Stainless steel body.

Technical Specifications:
Speed                                : 70 ± 2 rpm
Glass diameter                  : 185 mm
Adjustable grinding force  : upto 100 kgf / 220 Lbf.
Electrical Supply               : Single Phase 220 volts, 50 Hz

Accessories required for testing pigments:
• Spatula for mixing and paste preparation.
• Pipette for measuring oil for making paste.
• Shade / Draw down card for shade matching.
• Bar Coater / Bar Applicator according to requirements for film application.
• Glass Beaker.

Package Includes:
Automatic digital pigment muller, two set glass plate, handle, spares, manual.

Ordering Information:
Ref No.780 Automatic Digital Pigment Muller
HSN Code: 84485900