Abrasion Tester

Taber Abrasion is an standard used to determine wear and tear of the coatings. It is used to determine the abrasion resistance of organic coatings produced on a plane, rigid surface. The sample is applied to a plane rigid panel. Sample panel shall be a disk of 4 inch (100 mm) in diameter or square (100 x 100 mm) with rounded corners. A hole of 6.3 mm should be located at the centre of each panel. The weighted specimen is mounted on a turntable disc and place the abrasive wheel on the test film. The result varies according to the load applied on the wheel. Taber Abrasion is used for quality & process control, research & development and material evaluation. It is widely used in coating, textile, leather, rubber, plastic, wood, glass, paper, lamination, ceramics.

Standard: ASTM D 4060, ISO 9352

Raj Make

• Easy to use control panel with Total Count and Batch Count controller in display.
• A vacuum pump system with suction hose for direct flow between the hose and rotating disc.
• A Release Wheel Hub allows for quick wheel mounting without the need of extra tools for locking.
• Compacted and balanced calibration arms, wheel mounts with high quality & precise weight.

Technical Specifications:
Platform Speed               : 60 ± 2 rpm
Auxiliary weights             : 250 gm, 500gm and 1000 gm (Two set, one for each arm)
Counterweights               : 125 gm and 175 gm (Two set, one for each arm)
Taber Abrasive Wheels   : CS 10, CS 17 USA Taber make (anyone)
Material                           : Mild Steel body with durable powder coating,
Holding arms, counter & auxiliary weights, base disc are made up
of stainless steel.

Package Includes:
Abrasion taber, auxiliary weights & counterweights,
taber abrasive wheel CS10, vacuum pump with suction hose,
manual,  and spares.

Ordering Information:
Ref No.137 Abrasion Tester
HSN Code: 90248099